Międzynarodowa Akademia Gastronomiczna

European Academy of Gastronomy is a part of International Academy of Gastronomy (AIG).
AIG is a transnational network of men and women with a privileged interest in gastronomy.

Founded in 1983 by five national Academies of Gastronomy, representing five different countries (Spain, France, Britain, Italy and Switzerland), it can only include as members national or regional Academies of Gastronomy. AIG is an international federation of Gastronomic Academies.

In 2018 about thirty Academies from around the world have joined AIG, each retaining autonomy and management.

Member countries can be found in the European Union, the Middle East, Japan, the Americas (North, Central and South) and Africa, which allows an indisputable international recognition.

From a legal standpoint, AIG is a private, non-profit association under French law. It is headquartered in Paris.


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