This project was created to present to the wider community what are the best available food products in every country of the European Union. Our prominent experts will evaluate the quality, taste, production process and regional values ​​and traditions of convergence with the teroir categories, as well as their availability in this project.
Of course, all products will be clearly structured in these categories and described in detail.
At present, a similar project available at already exists
As part of the project, AEG also provides a pan-European competition for a "virtual European dish".
It is a project in which every country would choose a traditional product and a traditional recipe that uses this product. Each country would make a film documenting this selected product and making it a unique, unique dish.

Films presenting these original products will be presented on the Internet, thanks to which viewers and readers will be able to perform independently and enjoy this unique dish from every European country.
The European Academy of Gastronomy and the International Academy of Gastronomy plan to organize events in which customers, tasters and culinary critics will cost recipes from 28 European countries in the form of snacks ("tapas").

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